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Cataracts affect more than 80 percent of Singaporeans over 60 years old, and cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures done here.”

Dr Leo Seo WeiSenior Ophthalmic & Cataract Surgeon
Our Clinic’s Expertise
  • Senior Ophthalmic & Cataract Surgeon
  • Customized Approach to Cataract Treatment
  • Advanced Cataract Surgical Techniques
  • Few Specialists in Singapore To Offer Bladeless Cataract Treatment
  • Professional & Trained Team
Our cataract surgeon

Dr Leo Seo Wei is a Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist who has extensive experience in cataract management and surgery. She is also one of the few specialists in Singapore who are trained with the latest trifocal implant lens for cataract patients & bladeless cataract surgery.

What is Cataract?

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural crystalline lens. The lens is responsible for focusing light and producing clear, sharp images. When we’re young the lens is clear but as we age, it begins to harden and become cloudy. The cloudy lens diminishes quality of vision.

Trifocal Implant Lens for Cataract Patients New

A new trifocal lens implant that offers near, intermediate and distance vision, is revolutionizing the treatment of cataracts. Implantation of an intraocular lens (IOL) after surgical removal of cataract via phacoemulsification surgery is the standard of care for cataracts.

When To See An Eye Specialist

Make an appointment for an eye exam if you notice any changes in your vision. If you develop sudden vision changes, such as double vision or flashes of light, sudden eye pain, or sudden headache, see your doctor right away.

We understand the concerns you have regarding your vision and strive to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. To request an appointment, call 6690 4507 or fill up the form below.

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